First informative seminar “Discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech: what can I do?” held on 14 May.

Newcomers from across Latvia joined first online informative seminar  “Discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech: what can I do?” held on 14 May.  Diverse group of participants took part in the event: expatriates, foreign students, asylum seekers, and persons with alternative or refugee status. 


During the two-hour interactive online session, participants learned how to identify discrimination, hate crime and hate speech, analysed practical situations and how and where to report such incidents. 

 Most of the participants agreed that though they experienced discrimination, hate crimes and/or hate speech, however never reported the incidents to any public authority or NGOs like Latvian Centre for Human Rights or Make Room.

 We are glad to raise the much-needed awareness on the topic, educate the community of newcomers about the legal provisions and reporting mechanism in case of different forms of intolerance. Discrimination, hate crimes, and hate speech are punishable offenses and perpetrators can be brought to justice, therefore it is important to report the incidents.

 It is possible to report hate crimes or hate speech to LCHR by using electronic form: 

In case of discrimination you can report using this form:   

 This was the first seminar of a series of 5 seminars informative events within the community of newcomers in regard to the topic. Please stay tuned for future updates!

The seminar was organised by the Latvian Centre for Human Rights in partnership with Foundation “Make Room” in the framework of a project “On the way to more tolerant society - awareness, education, support and cooperation” The project is funded bythe Island, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA / Norwegian grant program "Active Citizens Fund”.

Publicēts: 2021-05-14