Project "On the way to more tolerant society - awareness, education, support and cooperation"

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society in identifying different forms of intolerance and discrimination in order to provide effective responses and assistance to victims. The fundamental principles of the project activities are information, education, support and cooperation.

In the framework of the project an informative campaign will be organised, which will result in a better awareness by the general public and most vulnerable groups about the causes and consequences of intolerance, ways of protecting own rights and those of others by responding and reporting discrimination and hate speech/crimes.

The project will include training activities for civil society representatives, which will strengthen their capacity in reducing intolerance and improving their response to discrimination and hate speech/crimes and elaborating own initiatives.

The LCHR will provide free legal assistance to victims of discrimination and hate speech/crime and will expand online information resource on discrimination and hate crimes accessible by the public. Cooperation between civil society and law enforcement authorities will be strengthened, thereby ensuring better access to legal aid and support for different vulnerable groups.

In order to better understand the prevalence of hate speech in Latvia and elaborate the necessary future measures to combat and reduce it, research will be undertaken on hate speech on internet platforms in Latvia.

The project will raise awareness among the public and various vulnerable groups about the consequences of intolerance and the protection of their rights, increase support for victims of discrimination and hate crimes, and strengthen the capacity of NGOs to combat intolerance.

The project is implemented in cooperation with NGOs Make Room Europe and Participation Platform.

Project duration: January 2021 - December 2022

Project total budget is  EUR 103,030.81

The project is funded by the Island, Lichtenstein and Norway thruogh EEA / Norwegian grant programme "Active Citizens Fund"


First phase of the NGO training program “On the Way to a More Tolerant Society” is completed 

Interactive seminar “Discrimination, hate crimes/hate speech: what can I do?” - 15.10.

First informative seminar “Discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech: what can I do?” held on 14 May. 

Interactive seminar “Discrimination, hate crimes/hate speech: what can I do?”

Free counselling and legal aid in cases of discrimination and hate crimes is available

Report discrimination!

Published: 2021-01-04