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Hate crimes

Any criminal act committed against a person or property, which is motivated by the offender’s hatred of people because of the race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation is a hate crime.


Being a victim of this kind of crime can be a particularly frightening experience as you have been victimised because of who you are, or who or what your attacker thinks you are.


Hate crime can take many forms:

- Racial abuse (threats or insults), which can be verbal or written
- Bullying, harassment
- Causing damage to property
- Circulating or displaying racist or other hate material
- Offensive graffiti
- Any physical violence

The Latvian Criminal Law criminalises incitement to hatred on the basis of race, ethnic, national origin and religion (Sections 78, 150, 151). The Law also provides for racist motive as an aggravating circumstance (Section 48) for all offences.


Why should hate crimes be reported? We all have the right to live our lives in peace and with dignity at home, at work or in the street. When crimes are not reported, the offenders are free to commit similar crimes again either against you or other members of the community.









































































The reporting form requires information to enable the Latvian Human Rights Centre to assess the alleged hate crime and to provide you with legal advice or assistance. Any data obtained will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties without your special consent. You have the right to submit a message anonymously without providing your personal data, but if you do not leave your contact information (e-mail or telephone), we will not be able to contact you to provide feedback. You have the right to specify the information submitted or to ask to delete it. Data storage shall take place as long as it is necessary for the purpose of your application.

Data processing is carried out by the Latvian Human Rights Centre. Contact details: office [at] humanrights.org.lv