Project "Say NO to hate speech" implemented in Riga

From March to October 2017, Latvian Centre for Human Rights in cooperation with experts from Participation Platform organised 10 training seminars for young people and one training seminar for teachers on intolerance and hate speech. The trainings were organised in the framework of a project “Say NO to hate speech” co-funded by the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council in the framework of the Society integration programme.


The aim of seminars for young people was to raise their awareness about hate speech, how it can impact an individual, including young people, and the society in general from welfare and security perspective. 275 young people were trained how on to identify hate speech online and offline and respond to intolerance. The seminars were conducted in 10 Latvian and Russian langauge Riga schools. There were one evening school, one gymnasium, one professional secondary school, two elementary schools and 5 secondary schools implementing general education programme. The training conducted using formal and informal education methods.

Additionally a training seminar for teachers was organised on 27 October with an aim  to raise their awareness about the need to effectively deal intolerance and hate speech in order to use the information/knowledge gained during the seminar in their work with pupils by including the theme in education programme. Also a booklet on intolerance, hate crimes and hate speech for teachers was published in the framework of the project. The booklet is available in Latvian:  

Publicēts: 2017-11-13