Human Rights in Mental Health Care in Baltic Countries

The policy paper “Human Rights in Mental Health Care in Baltic Countries” has been prepared by the Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR) and its partner organizations: Vilnius Regional Office of Global Initiative for Psychiatry, Mental Disability Advocacy Centre and Estonian Patient Advocacy Association.


The policy paper gives an overview of current developments in mental health care policy of all three Baltic countries and provides recommendations to move services toward the norm of least restrictive care and community-based services and away from institutions. Recommendations are geared to governments, institutions in the countries addressed, national and international human rights advocates, and private and public donors. The text serves as a source of information for program planners, an advocacy guide for human rights organizations, and guidance for funds allocation for governments and donors.


The policy paper has been published with funding received from the European Commission within the framework of the LCHR project “Monitoring Human Rights and Prevention of Torture in Closed Institutions: prisons, police cells and mental health institutions in Baltic Countries.”


Publicēts: 2006-06-22