Human Rights in Latvia in 2000

The primary human rights problems in Latvia in 2000 were closely related: severebacklogs in the court system and long pre-trial detention periods, especially for minors. In 2000 Latvia also witnessed the mobilisation of small groups of Latvian and Russian racist extremists, but law enforcement agencies responded vigorously.

The core positive developments in 2000 were in the legislative arena. Parliament liberalised the Law on the Constitutional Court to allow individuals to complain to Latvia's most progressive, but under-utilised judicial body. After considerable controversy, the Cabinet also adopted implementing regulations to the 1999 Law on the State Language which are essentially in conformity with Latvia's international obligations.

Riga, 2001
Nils Muiznieks, Angelita Kamenska, Ieva Leimane, Sandra Garsvane
Financial support: Open Society Institute (Budapest)


Publicēts: 2004-01-14