Combating Hate Crimes in Latvia: Legislation and Police Practice

The paper “Combating Hate Crimes in Latvia: Legislation and Police Practice” maps and analyses the situation concerning hate crimes in Latvia, including legislation and police practises, in order to identify the gaps and to improve legislative and law enforcement responses to hate crimes.

It provides an overview concerning the development of legislation criminalising hate crimes on racist and religious grounds from the Soviet period until present times, police structure in Latvia, statistics on hate crimes, police practises and challenges in investigating racist crimes as well as the increasing role of civil society in combating hate crimes.

This report has been published within the framework of the LCHR project “Combating hate crime in Latvia and the Czech Republic: legislation, police practice and the role of NGOs”, financed by the European Commission through programme “2005 Actions in support of civil society in the Member States which acceded to the European Union on 1st May 2004”.


Publicēts: 2008-12-15