Strengthening the Anti-Discrimination Work of the LCHRES

The project, which aims to contribute to the promotion of the implementation of anti-discrimination in Latvia and to strengthen the anti-discrimination capacity of Latvian NGOs is financed by the Netherlands Finance Ministry (MATRA) and implemented by the LCHRES in partnership with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC). The project implementation period is from August 2003 till August 2006.

The project goals are:

1. to increase the knowledge and awareness of key actors in Latvian society regarding European law and practice in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment

2. to produce a sigificant cohort of NGO activists with training on anti-discrimination issues in order to increase the overall capacity to address issues of discrimination in Latvia

3. to increase public awareness of discrimination issues

4. to increase resources to litigation to combat discrimination

5. to stimulate the promotion of and lobby for appropriate implementation of legislation and government regulations in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment

The project activities include various seminars, workshops and conferences.

Read more about project activities:

Training workshop for Latvian NGOs: 'Fighting Racial Discrimination' 22.04. - 23.04.2004, Riga  

Publicēts: 2004-04-15