Strengthening the Anti-Discrimination Work of the LCHR

Project “Strengthening the Anti-Discrimination Work of the LCHR” was implemented by the LCHR (till 28 December 2005 Latvian Centre for Human Rights and Ethnic Studies) in partnership with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee. The long-term objective of the project was to strengthen knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent and combat discrimination in Latvia amongst key target groups in governmental and non-governmental circles.


The project was financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MATRA programme). Its implementation period was from August 2003 till August 2006.

The project goals were aimed to:

1. increase the knowledge and awareness of key actors in Latvian society regarding European law and practice in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment,

2. produce a significant cohort of NGO activists with training on anti-discrimination issues in order to increase the overall capacity to address issues of discrimination in Latvia,

3. increase public awareness of discrimination issues,

4. increase resources for litigation to combat discrimination,

5. stimulate the promotion of and lobby for appropriate implementation of legal norms and government regulations in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment.

The primary target group of the project were the vulnerable groups: ethnic minorities, women, the disabled, pensioners, gays and lesbians, and the NGOs representing such groups. The second target group of the project were persons in position to actively contribute to the implementation of law and practice regarding non-discrimination: state and local officials, members of parliament, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, business groups, civil servants and journalists.

The main activities of the project:

1. three two-days training seminars on the EU anti-discrimination acquis, legal and other strategies for combating discrimination, the experience of the Netherlands in implementing anti-discrimination law, the Latvian legislative framework regarding discrimination, and successful cases brought before Latvian courts,

2. six workshops for regional NGOs,

3. two one-week study visits,

4. legal assistance regarding discrimination issues,

5. brochure on diversity in the mass media. 

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Publicēts: 2007-01-04