LCHR has started implementation of an international project AMIITE CODE (Capitalizing ODEvelopment). The project  capitalizes the results of the previous AMITIE Project (Awareness raising on MIgrations, developmenT and human rIghts through local partnErships).  AMITIE CODE involves six European Countries (Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, France), two Regions (Emilia-Romagna, Andalusia) and eight Cities (Bologna, Hamburg, Reggio Emilia, Riga, Loures, Lisbon, Toulouse, Seville).

The  effectiveness of action is guaranteed by the experience gained by the partners through international cooperation and local activities. Thanks to all these expertise acquired on- field, through projects or research activities, partners are now able to design actions aimed at raising awareness on migration, development and human rights. Along the 32 months of the project duration, partners will implement activities at local and national level targeted at public authorities, citizens, teachers, youths and students.

Innovative training activities will involve teachers and civil servants working in local authorities; students will be involved in workshops on human rights; an interactive web-app focused on development cooperation will be created;  a web-series on the issues of the project will also be produced; a travelling film festival will be organised and delivered in all partners' Countries; furthermore each  partner will organize events/initiatives on the media to communicate and disseminate messages and results of the project and to promote the participation and involvement of citizens.

Project's website:


The project is co-funded by the European Union. 


Training for teachers “Migration, Development and Human Rights”

Training for civil servants “Migration, Development and Human Rights” launched in Rig

Publicēts: 2015-06-30