First EUact local event for young people happened on 28 September in Riga

The event gathered Latvian and international participants. During whole day event participants discovered the hate speech phenomena, it impact and consequences, debated about the freedom of speech, its role and possible restrictions, discussed important cultural, social, political issues on local and European level related to hate speech, learned about various Latvian and EU initiatives for combating hate speech and how each of us can promote tolerance and human rights, and created own recommendations or message for prevention of hate speech addressed to other young people, local authorities and the EU.

We want to thank all the participants for the active participation!

If you missed this event don’t worry! There will be second event in Latvia and all  EUact project partner countries soon!

Follow us to find out more information!


Message to other young people:

Your action matters!

Think before you say!

Identify it & report it!

Stand up for your close ones

Don’t fall into peer pressure

Practice empathy

Spread awareness


Message to national authorities:

In unity we believe

It starts with us. We lead by example. We are all humans and those in charge, are here to protect: Always!

Make love not war!

Knowledge is power!

We are the future, but we are looking up to those in power.

This world needs to get better. I am in support of human rights.

Thought we have failed some times, in life we have chances to fix our mistakes. We support all humans no matter who or where you may be come from.


Message to the EU:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Support education and give more funding for anti-hate speech activities!


Some testimonies from the participants after the event:

“The seminar really brings awareness to a prominent issue happening nowadays!”

“All young people must attend such event! I know that such events change the world and make it better. We are all different, but we need to find a way how to live together.”

“Topics that were raised during the seminar are important and must be discussed more often.”

“Freedom of speech and hate speech are relevant topics and events like this should happen more often in local countries to spread awareness.”

“The EUact project spreads awareness of hate speech, how young people could participate in preventing hate speech. It was nice to meet new people  from different countries and discuss various actual problems.”

“This was wonderful and eye opening experience, I recommend to all!”

“Practice your arguments and take action because it matters! Next generation will thank you!”

“The seminar was helpful in understanding the scope of the freedom of speech and also the consequences that come with it.”


The event organised in the framework of the project Active Euopean Citizens Against Hate Speech. The project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

Publicēts: 2021-09-29