"Different Client in Diverse Latvia II" project is concluded

The Latvian Centre for Human Rights concluded a project "Different Client in Diverse Latvia II" (IF/2009/3.1./27), aimed at training of healthcare workers, policemen and trade union representatives about intercultural communication, anti-discrimination and diversity management issues.

The training "Different Client in Diverse Latvia II" was aimed at representatives of institutions providing services to third country nationals. In total, 78 participants, including 39 healthcare workers, 21 representatives of trade unions and 18 policemen took part in the 4 three days seminars.

The course cycle consists of five chapters: (1) Introduction to cultural diversity (the goal of the course is to familiarize participants with the issues of cultural diversity in the modern world, the effects of cultural differences on communication, as well as to assist in development of ability to successfully work with representatives of other cultures; (2) Discrimination: grounds, expressions, evidences and sanctions  (The goal of the course is to provide participants with understanding about discrimination, its reasons, grounds and expressions, as well as to provide information about where to turn for help in instances of discrimination); (3) Diversity management (the goal of the course is to familiarize with the notions of diversity and diversity management, to analyze advantages of effective diversity management and main challenges, as well as to give an insight into the diversity management implementation strategies and measures); (4) Positive action (the goal of the course is to familiarize with the notion of positive action, related concepts and legislation, as well as with practical issues and examples of implementation of the concept); (5) The analysis of the EU and Latvian good practices (the goal of the course is to familiarize with practical examples of diversity management in the EU countries and Latvia, to analyzing initiatives of the state and municipal bodies as well as private enterprises, paying special attention to diversity initiatives in the services sector).

Training participants gained both theoretical knowledge and practical advices for work in diverse society. Lectures, practical exercises, role plays, analyses of video materials and publications were used as the training methods in order to promote active engagement of participants.

A seminar for journalism students “Diversity in Mass Media” was also held in the framework of the project. The future journalists discussed the role of diversity and stereotypes in media as well as tested their skills in inclusion of diversity when preparing a news story.

An updated training material “Different Client in Diverse Latvia. Supplemented Edition” and a material for journalists and journalism students “Media and Diversity” were published in the framework of the project.

The project was implemented in the framework of the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals (75% of the EU funding and 25% of Latvian state co-funding), administrated in Latvia by the Ministry of Culture.

Publicēts: 2011-06-30