Sep 09 2014

  • Sept. 9, 2014

    • All for Latvia!/FF-LNIM proposes to forbid issuing of temporary residence permits to Russian citizens
    • Government discussed measures on stimulation of integration

    The nationalists’ union All for Latvia!/FF-LNIM proposes to forbid issuing of temporary residence permits to Russian citizens. The nationalists argue that Russian citizens who reside in Latvia might have impact on political and social processes in Latvia and thus endanger state’s security. According to the nationalists’ union, issuing of residence permits to Russian citizens should be stopped due to Russia’s breach of international legal norms manifested through aggression in Ukraine. Vesti Segodnya

    Latvijas Avize reports about the government’s meeting discussing measures on stimulation of integration. One of the proposals was to make naturalisation process easier. However, it is not supported by all the ministers. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkevics does not agree that the naturalisation test should be eased. He rather proposes to inform non-citizens about the naturalisation process as, for instance, non-citizens in Latgale (eastern Latvian region) are not interested in naturalisation because they think that the examination is too complicated. The Ministers also believe that naturalisation could be stimulated by provision of wider opportunities to attend free-of-charge or discount Latvian language courses in order to help loyal non-citizens to improve their state language proficiency to pass naturalisation test. The Minister of Education Ina Druviete does not agree that there is a need to increase number of state language courses as those who want to learn the language do it without special encouragement. She also believes that non-citizens are given all the opportunities for integration. The Minister says that no special proposals for consolidation of the society are required as there are recently elaborated guidelines of state language policy 2015-2020 which regulate basic principles of state language policy, aims and actions for next six years.