Feb 12 2011

  • Feb. 12, 2011

    • Latvijas Avize interviews Ilze Brands Kehris about human rights issues and integration of society in Latvia
    • Renewal of the Days of Russian culture

    Latvijas Avize interviewed the director of the Latvian Centre for Human Rights Ilze Brands Kehris. The interview highlights a broad range of human rights issues, including effective independent investigation of cases of police brutality, freedom of assembly and the importance of selecting a suitable independent candidate for the post of the Ombudsman and the need to strengthen its capacity in monitoring human rights. She addresses the issues of identity underlining that a modern perspective of integration implies non-discrimination, sense of belonging to the country and common work of different groups.

    Vesti Segodnya writes about the renewal of the Days of Russian culture, which were traditionally held in independent Latvia during 1925-1940. The festival is planned for May-June 2011 and the initiative group is currently communicating with potential participants as well as the state and municipal bodies and NGOs regarding possible venues and financial support. One of the goals of the festival is to show the commonality of Latvian and Russian cultures.