Ноя 12 2015

  • Ноя. 12, 2015

    • Union of Greens and Farmers proposed the draft amendments setting that the sole language of advertisements on all radio stations is Latvian.

     Vesti Segodnya reports about the draft amendments to the Electronic Mass Media Law proposed by the Union of Greens and Farmers stipulating that the sole language of advertisements on all radio stations, including those broadcasting in the Russian language, is Latvian. According to a representative of the Latvian Advertising Association, it is important to evaluate whether such amendments contradict the freedom of speech and the effective Latvian legal regulation. The MP Boriss Cilevics, in his turn, stressed that the tendency to lower the proportion of radio broadcasting in Russian in Latvia contradicts the ratified Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe. 

  • Ноя. 12, 2015

    • Number of asylum seekers arriving to Latvian increases

    According to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, the number of asylum seekers has increased during the last two months. 43 asylum seekers arrived to Latvia in September and 71 in October. Latvijas Avize