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Attention! This form is not an emergency request form. If you are in immediate danger situation – contact the State Police by calling 110.

Fill out this form of you need legal advice or legal aid from the Latvian Centre for Human Rights in case of discrimination.

Legal advice and aid are provided free of charge.  

Discrimination is when persons in a similar situation are treated differently (usually less favourably) without objective and reasonable justification, and the only reason for the differential treatment is that the person belongs to a particular group.  

The most common grounds for discrimination are

  • race/skin colour,
  • ethnic origin,
  • religion or other belief,
  • disability,
  • age,
  • gender,
  • sexual orientation.

The list is not exhaustive and there may be other grounds.

Read more about what is discrimination with examples here

The reporting form is improved and free legal aid is provided in the framework of a project “On the way to more tolerant society: awareness, education, support and cooperation” funded by the Island, Lichtenstein and Norway through EEA / Norwegian grant programme "Active Citizens Fund".

Report discrimination