Project „Steps to Freedom”

Project „Steps to Freedom”

In 2010, the LCHR in cooperation with the UNHCR and several NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe has started implementation of the project „Steps to Freedom. Monitoring Detention and Promoting Alternatives to Detention of Asylum Seekers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic”. Project co-financed under the European Refugee Fund.

Published : 2010-11-10

Fighting against manifestations of hate crime and intolerance in Latvia

Hate crimes (both hate violence and hate speech) are increasing problem in Latvia over last few years. The persons with a different racial/ethnic background and sexual orientation have been injured. Taking into account the increasing urgency of the issue as well as sometimes ineffective response of the police to these crimes LCHR has started to implement a project “Fighting against manifestations of hate crime and intolerance in Latvia”.

Published : 2007-05-03

Fighting Discrimination in Latvia

Anti-discrimination is a relatively new area of public policy in Latvia. Although there have been some positive developments during last three years (a gradual implementation of the EU standards, elaboration of the responsible state institutions), there are still many problems observable. Representatives of different groups (discrimination victims as well as representatives of police, state institutions and NGOs) still have a low comprehension of the legal provisions and protective mechanisms of anti-discrimination. Alongside the lack of information on discrimination practice and the low capacity of the non-governmental organisations to combat discrimination is observable too.

Published : 2007-05-02


“A European Approach to Multicultural Citizenship: Legal, Political and Educational Challenges” (project acronym EMILIE) is an interdisciplinary project which examines the migration and integration experiences of nine EU Member States and attempts to respond to the so-called ‘crisis of multiculturalism’ currently affecting Europe. 

Published : 2007-03-28

RAXEN network

Since 2003 the LCHRES serves as a European Information Network on Racism and Xenophobia (RAXEN) National Focal point. RAXEN network is a core activity of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), which had been established by the EU 1997 and is based in Vienna, Auistria.

Published : 2007-03-02