Legal assistance

In the framework of specific projects, LCHR provides legal assistance to the individuals with human rights cases. Anyone can submit an oral or a written complaint to the LCHR lawyers, which will be handled confidentially and free of charge. 

In 2021 LCHR provide free-of-charge legal assistance in the following areas:

Discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech (project: On a way to more tolerant society: awareness, education, support, cooperation"

In order to apply for consultation please contact us by email: or fill-in online reporting forms:

To report on discrimination:

 To report hate crimes:

Asylum and family reunification for persons under international protection (project "Border monitoring and legal assistance to asylum seekers in Latvia"

Apply for consultation thruogh email:

LCHR legal assistance includes:

  • providing information on rights guaranteed by the law;
  • consulting individuals on the possibilities of solving a human rights case according to the  legislation;
  • recommendations as to which state or municipal organization a person could apply for assistance in the case;
  • helping in achieving a friendly settlement between the parties involved;
  • providing legal opinion;
  • assistance in composing legal documents – in special cases;
  • representing an individual in civil or administrative court – in special cases.

After reviewing a complaint, the LCHR concludes whether human rights have been violated and provides its opinion and recommendations.
The LCHR lawyers always try to reach results which are acceptable to all parties involved. If it is impossible to reach a friendly settlement, the LCHR lawyers provide their opinion and suggestions.

The LCHR does not review cases which are related to other than the human rights fields.

The written complaint should contain the following information:

  • name and surname of the person submitting the complaint;
  • return address;
  • name of the organization or the person against whom complaint is being filed;
  • as accurate as possible account of the situation, describing all facts in precise detail, all surrounding information, names of the persons and positions of the officials involved, precise names of organizations and their addresses;
  • whenever possible, information on which rights exactly have been violated should be included;
  • whenever possible, plaintiff's opinion should be based upon Latvian Republic law or/and International Human Rights law;
  • information about organizations or state bodies to which plaintiff has already applied in relation to this particular human rights violation, and about responses obtained;
  • copies of the related documents. 

Written complaints should be forwarded to:
Latvian Centre for Human Rights
Skolas iela 21, 6th floor
Rīga LV-1010 Latvia

or e-mail:

Personal consultations shuold be announced by phone: 67039290

Legal assistance