Border Monitoring: Safeguarding the rights to seek asylum in Latvia

In order to assist the Latvian government in fulfilling its international obligations, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) concluded an agreement in 2011 with the Latvian State Border Guard. The aim of the agreement is to support access of asylum-seekers to Latvia and the country’s asylum procedure. It allows UNHCR to monitor activities at the border crossing points and at the international airport in Riga. On behalf of UNHCR, the non-governmental organization Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR), will regularly visit border areas, the airport and detention facilities and will have access to statistics and the case files of asylum-seekers. Specific issues that emerge will be discussed in working group meetings. UNHCR will also provide support and training to the border guards and other stakeholders.

The guide "Seeking Asylum in Latvia. Guide for asylum-seekers" was issued in the framework of the project and it is available in different langauges:

  • Latvian/Latviešu valodā:
  • Arabic

 طالب اللجوء فى لاتفيا.دليل طالبى اللجوء


Published: 2012-05-17