LCHR staff trains Montenegrin NGOs how to monitor places of detention

From 12-14 May LCHR staff Anhelita Kamenska and Ilvija Pūce conducted training on monitoring places of detention for Montenegrin NGOs in Podgorica, Montenegro. The training was carried out in co-operation with the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (Serbia) and Montenegrin NGO Human Rights Action (HRA), which is the lead organisation in the project “Monitoring respect for human rights in closed institutions in Montenegro."

The 3-day training covered such issues as the overview on prohibition of torture and UN CAT, other UN treaty bodies, ECtHR, national legislation; monitoring visits (concept of monitoring, types of monitoring visits, monitoring team, preparation, conducting monitoring visits, etc.); how to interview persons deprived of liberty, how to document allegations of ill-treatment and torture, relevant international standards, including CPT standards, concerning prisons, police detention, immigration detention, mental hospitals/specialised institutions for persons with disabilities, facilities for children, practical aspects of monitoring places of deprivation of liberty, health care principles in places of detention and other issues concerning health care, how to write a monitoring report, etc. The training is part of a project carried out by the Human Rights Action and funded by the European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights 2010 (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for Montenegro.

LCHR is a partner to the HRA led project "”Monitoring human rights in closed institutions in Montenegro” See

Published: 2011-05-15