Okt 04 2012

  • Oct. 4, 2012

    Integration and Minority Information Service of the Latvian Centre for Human Rights

    • All for Latvia!-FF/LNIM held a picket calling to dismiss Russian language school teacher Vladislavs Rafalskis
    • MPs discussed what crimes should lead to refusal in granting Latvian citizenship

    Today, the nationalists’ union All for Latvia!-FF/LNIM held a picket near the Riga City Council calling to dismiss Russian language school teacher Vladislavs Rafalskis. As reported, the scandal around the teacher erupted after Mr Rafalskis stated he is disloyal towards Latvian political regime. The nationalists’ union called to dismiss the teacher as persons with such attitude towards the state cannot teach children. Also the State Service of Education Quality suggested to dismiss Mr Rafalskis arguing that his statements violate the Education Law which says that teacher should educate state patriots. According to Chas, the nationalists are pressuring the City Council to influence the decision of the school director in order to dismiss the teacher as well as using the situation for their own political purposes before the municipal elections.

    The Saeima’s subcommittee on elaboration of the draft amendments to the Citizenship Law discussed restrictions on granting Latvian citizenship to those persons, who committed crimes. During the discussion, the MPs struggled to find a common definition for the issue. The MPs tried to decide whether the persons with expired criminal record have the right to become citizens and if yes whether there should be exceptions depending on a type of committed crime. The work on this issue will continue. Neatkariga

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