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Integration monitor is a daily Latvian press digest on ethnic minority and society integration issues. The Monitor reviews the biggest Latvian dailies: Diena, Latvijas Avize, Neatkariga (in Latvian language), Vesti Segodnya (in Russian language). In specific cases other information sources are used. Latvian Centre for Human Rights is not responsible for information published by the media.

jūnijs 26, 2012

  • Newspapers continue to report about issues regarding the restitution of Jewish properties

Newspapers continue to report about issues regarding the restitution of Jewish properties. As reported, the Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins resigned from the post complaining about disagreements over the return of Jewish organisations’ properties to the Jewish community with the Prime Minister.Neatkariga reports that representatives of Jewish community in Latvia are planning to meet with all the Saeima’s factions in order to know the opinion of the parties regarding the issue. The Jewish community also stated that it claims to return only its religious and public properties which belonged to the Jewish organisations before the WWII and were built or bought for its members’ means or donations.  Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel Mordehai Amihai-Bivas during his visit to Latvia stated the solution of issues regarding restitution of Jewish properties would restore historical justice.  Board member of an NGO Russian Community in Latvia Igors Vatolins, in his turn, in an interview with Chas stated that the Russian community also could claim for properties which belong to it before 1940, because speaking of historical justice other ethnic minorities should not be forgotten. Chas, Neatkariga, Vesti Segodnya, Latvijas Avize

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