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Independent Detention Monitoring in Latvia


The policy paper provides an overview of closed institutions in Latvia and key trends in their reform since the country regained independence in 1991, highlights the role of international organisations (relevant UN, Council of Europe bodies, European Commission) in assessing Latvia’s compliance with international human rights standards in closed facilities and their conclusions and recommendations concerning the work of domestic inspection bodies.

Published : 2006-07-14

International conference "Independent Detention Monitoring of Closed Institutions in the Baltic States"


On 27-28 April, 2006 the Latvian Centre for Human Rights and the Association for the Prevention of Torture are organising an international conference on independent detention monitoring of closed institutions (prisons, police cells, mental hospitals, etc.) in the Baltic States and the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on Torture. The conference is part of the European Commission funded project of the Latvian Centre for Human Rights and Ethnic Studies “Monitoring Human Rights and Prevention of Torture in Closed institutions: prisons, police cells and mental health care institutions in Baltic countries.”

Published : 2006-04-28

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