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Integration monitor is a daily Latvian press digest on ethnic minority and society integration issues. The Monitor reviews the biggest Latvian dailies: Diena, Latvijas Avize, Neatkariga (in Latvian language), Vesti Segodnya (in Russian language). In specific cases other information sources are used. Latvian Centre for Human Rights is not responsible for information published by the media.

Nov. 30, 2015

  • Public opinion survey: 74% of Latvian residents consider themselves as patriots

According to the latest public opinion survey about Latvian residents’ attitude towards national celebration days and patriotism conducted by “DNB Latvijas barometrs”, 82% of Latvian residents who speak Latvian language in a family and 62% of Latvian residents who speak Russian language in a family consider themselves as patriots of Latvia. In total, 74% of Latvian residents consider themselves as patriots. As compared with 2014, the number of patriots grew for 7 %. 60% of Latvian residents are ready to protect Latvia from enemies, for instance, from foreign invaders. The most important celebration days in Latvia for Latvian and Russian speakers are Christmas and New Year. 81% of Latvian speakers and 60% of Russian speakers take part in the Independence Day celebration events. Besides the official celebration days, 22% of Russian speakers consider 9 May (unofficial celebration of the end of the WWII or Victory Day) as one of the most important days. Full survey in Latvian is available at:

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