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Integration monitor is a daily Latvian press digest on ethnic minority and society integration issues. The Monitor reviews the biggest Latvian dailies: Diena, Latvijas Avize, Neatkariga (in Latvian language), Vesti Segodnya (in Russian language). In specific cases other information sources are used. Latvian Centre for Human Rights is not responsible for information published by the media.

Nov. 4, 2015

  • Cabinet of Ministers finally approved the action plan for accommodation and integration of asylum seekers and refugees in Latvia for 2016-2017
  • Vesti Segodnya: 0,14% of the draft State budget will be assigned for ethnic minority cultural events and NGOs

The Cabinet of Ministers finally approved the action plan for accommodation and integration of asylum seekers and refugees inLatviafor 2016-2017. The plan has three directions: selection of persons and their transportation toLatvia; accommodation of asylum seekers; and socio-economic inclusion (the initial word “integration” was replaced with “socio-economic inclusion” due to the objections of the National Union.) The plan foresees renovation of the centre for accommodation of asylum seekers “Mucinieki” which will be adjusted to a larger number of persons. The plan also foresees establishment of an information centre for asylum seekers and refugees. The centre would ensure the persons with all the necessary information about education, employment, heal care etc., coordinate society initiatives and provision of services by interpreters, and provide intercultural training for different specialists. The plan foresees access to Latvian language courses and training about different aspects of life inLatviaduring first three months after arrival. Every asylum seeker will be assigned a social mentor and a social worker who will elaborate individual socio-economic inclusion plan.  Social mentor will assist asylum seekers since their arrival and up to 12 months after persons receive refugee and subsidiary protection status inLatvia. The total costs for implementation of the action plan are EUR 14,9954.027. It is planned to accommodate 531 asylum seekers inLatviaduring two years.

Vesti Segodnya reports that according to the draft State budget 2016, EUR 111,088 will be granted for organisation of cultural events of ethnic minorities. Additionally, EUR 80,000 are foreseen for support of ethnic minority NGOs and projects aimed at promotion of inter-ethnic dialogue. The newspaper notes that the total amount of the funds for ethnic minorities is 0,14% of the total State budget. 

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