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Integration monitor is a daily Latvian press digest on ethnic minority and society integration issues. The Monitor reviews the biggest Latvian dailies: Diena, Latvijas Avize, Neatkariga (in Latvian language), Vesti Segodnya (in Russian language). In specific cases other information sources are used. Latvian Centre for Human Rights is not responsible for information published by the media.

Jan. 11, 2008

  • Vesti Segodnya prints an interview with the Head of the Naturalisation Board Eizenija Aldermane

In an interview with Vesti Segodnya, the Head of the Naturalisation Board (NB) Eizenija Aldermane has stated that the speed of naturalisation in Latvia continues to fall after its peak in 2004-2005. Mrs. Aldermane considers that the rate of naturalisation might raise again in two or three years because of new migrants who arrived to Latvia after 1991. Mrs. Aldermane also has stated that during last two years the NB receives large number of questions from foreigners on how to receive Latvian citizenship.

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